Blue Bomber cheerleader coach resigns after saucy photos appear on Internet

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Saucy photos of some former Winnipeg Blue Bomber cheerleaders show a major disrespect to what most participants see as an athletic and demanding sport, says a local coach.

One photo shows a woman in a Bomber cheerleading uniform cupping the breasts of another woman also clad in the blue and gold outfit. In another photo, a cheerleader moons the camera with the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in the background.

“It’s just a bad image. It’s an image we don’t need,” said Nadia El-Gabalawy, who has coached the University of Manitoba Cheerleading Team since 2006.

“What those athletes did … was a major disrespect to the sport. But at the same time, it’s not the entire team that did that, and it’s not necessarily the coach that condoned that.”

Some of the pictures originally appeared on an American website. The posting was titled: “Oh Canada! CFL Cheerleader Shows More Than Her Patriotic Side.”

After the photos were published in local newspapers last week, Blue Lightning dance team coach Dena Clark resigned. Clark joined the volunteer dance group as a cheerleader in 1998, and became its coach in 2003.

The football club downplayed questions Monday about the photos and resignation.

“Many of the photos are dated from no later than 2005, and involve individuals who no longer have a connection with the franchise or have never been affiliated with Blue Lightning at all,” Bomber spokesman Arash Madani said in a statement.

Madani confirmed Clark’s departure, but declined further comment, saying the team wants to focus on Thursday’s home game against the Calgary Stampeders.

Winnipeg is 0-4 this season.

“You know, I’ve got enough problems of my own,” said Bomber head coach Doug Berry when asked about the cheerleading situation after the team’s practice Monday in Winnipeg.

Ken Sessan, a Bomber fan who watched the practice from the sidelines, said the whole affair has been “blown out of proportion.”

“I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. It’s an isolated incident.”

El-Gabalawy says people in the cheerleading community have to be careful every time they are in uniform. For instance, members of the University of Manitoba cheerleading team are required to change into street clothes if they want to smoke a cigarette.

“I hope people will learn from this,” she said.

“I think everyone in the cheerleading community is just hoping that if we all work harder … (and) promote cheerleading as an athletic sport, there will be less likelihood of something like this ever happening again.”

I can not find one thing wrong with these pictures

4 Comments to “Blue Bomber cheerleader coach resigns after saucy photos appear on Internet”

  • Anonymous   July 23, 2008 at 8:28 AM

    Although I know most young men will say hey, there is nothing wrong with these pictures, I must disagree.

    Obviously they are not XXX rated, "But ask yourself, if I had or have a daughter, would I want her to bare her ass in an obviously provocative way for public consumption. (Pictures+Internet Access= Public Consumption - you have to assume in this day and age it is going ot be available for all to see)

    If you even hesitate at that question before answering - NO - I am sure then you can at least admit that the photos are at very best inappropriate.

    Now add to the fact that you are a representative or an affiliate of an organization and what would you expect to happen?

    If you dont think that you will be canned, and likely others getting canned or at least repremanded for your actions then again, you are out of touch and probably lack wisdom, maturity, and maybe even a little common sense.

    The bottom line is simple here. when you belong to a team, organization, or group everything you do counts, yes as many of the current day athletes and entertainers have found out, even what you do when you are not working......

    Again, are the pictures (at least these here) XXX rated no not at all. But they are "R" rated and they do (admit it or not) portray a sluttish, whorish, at best permiscuous image of cheerleaders, even though Most of these fine athletes are NOT that way.

  • Gary Dale Cearley   July 23, 2008 at 10:04 PM

    Wow! An 0-4 start and folks are worried about the cheerleaders? Priorities, people...!

  • Mac G   July 23, 2008 at 10:14 PM

    Anonymous, what the F are you talking about? These women are selling their bodies and guys are willingly buying. Win win for everyone.

    I hope you daughter is 300lb because if she is hot, her facebook photos might end up on a blog. Oh, the HORROR!!!

  • Anonymous   July 30, 2008 at 5:18 PM

    selling their bodies and guys are willingly buying

    Dont have a daughter
    Lack a little Maturity


    Havent obtained much wisdom .........

    Probably pretty young and still think you are inviencable too.....

    Good luck.....

    oh yeah, my daughter is a cheer leader in the NFL.... Most of those comments were hers.


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